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In the realm of wireless network experimentation, significant advancements in hardware and software have opened unprecedented opportunities for researchers to delve into end-to-end software-defined 5G deployments, leveraging over-the-air transmissions. Accessible software-defined radios and softwarized stacks have revolutionized the practicality of experimenting with real-life wireless networks, empowering researchers to practically test cutting-edge solutions in a realistic environment. Additionally, the advent of O-RAN has further enriched the research landscape, enabling swift prototyping of standard-compliant solutions that can be seamlessly scaled up to production-level networks. To foster this flourishing ecosystem, we present the first RESTART Tech Camp on 5G and Open RAN.

The event is especially suited for (but by no means restricted to) PhDs at the beginning of their research path, aiming to complement their research projects with practical experimental work focused, but not limited to 5G air interface, 5G virtualized core networks, and O-RAN.

What is Our Goal?

The Tech Camp aims to equip participants with the essential fundamentals required to kickstart their research in wireless experimentation. Through engaging keynotes from leading experts, we will cover hardware, software, and advanced applications, providing a comprehensive understanding of the domain. Moreover, the camp will include practical hands-on sessions, allowing participants to experiment directly with the hardware and implement the knowledge acquired during the program. The subsequent workshop will provide a platform for PhD students and researchers to showcase their research with a focus on wireless experimentation. Participants are invited to present research outcomes of high level of maturity and discuss novel solutions, addressing challenges and opportunities in the field. This workshop aims to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and promote synergies among researchers, thereby propelling the growth of wireless experimentation.

Finally, we want to create a friendly and collaborative environment for our young colleagues to share experiences, practices, methodologies, and lessons learned from their own 5G experimental activities.

  • Kickstart your research in 5G & Open RAN
  • Practical hands on to improve your knowledge and skills
  • International invited speakers and experts

September 9-13

Politecnico di Milano,

150 €

International Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers - TDB

Organizing Committee

General Chair

Giuseppe Bianchi

NAM Lab Director at CNIT

Technical Chairs

Andrea Lacava

Double PhD Candidate at Northeastern University, Boston and Sapienza, University of Rome

Eugenio Moro

Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Milan

Ivan Palamà

R&D in Wireless Network Security at CNIT and PhD Candidate at Tor Vergata, Rome

Local Arrangement Chairs

Daniela Tonti

Administrative Assistant at CNIT

Anastasia Di Lorenzo

Administrative Assistant at CNIT

Victoria Kerstich

Politecnico Milano

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Participants are invited to present research outcomes of high level of maturity and discuss novel solutions, addressing challenges and opportunities in the field.

Registration & Pricing

To be updated once the program is finalized.

Event Schedule at glance

The program will be reported once finalized.

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Event FAQs


While this event is specifically tailored for PhD students and researchers working in the field of wireless networks, we welcome anyone interested in the event's topics.


According to your interests, you are free to attend to the entire event or any of its parts.


We do not intent to limit the attendance to this event. However, due to limited hardware availability, we might have limit the number of participants to the practical hands-on sessions.

Yes, in the registration form

If you would like to apply, please upload your CV and motivation letter during the registration.


Apart from basic knowledge on wireless networks and Linux commands, there are no specific knowledge prerequisites.


This event qualifies to award CFUs to italian PhD students. An attendance certificate is going to be released.
For those who need to meet specific requirements from their academic institution we will ask a minor additional effort to meet such indications.

Event Location - To Be Announced Soon